It’s About Damn Time.

I have built hundreds of sites and thousands of pieces of ghost content over the years. The effort to produce digital assets and copy that I should have been creating for myself however, has been severely neglected. Over a four decades lesson of watching my efforts go to building other people’s projects has come to an end.

I have finally decided to do my own thing with the knowledge and talent usually directed and utilized by others. I have had other businesses on the side as I have always been entrepreneurial, some of them doing really well, even showing growth potential, but alas, there was always “this client work comes first” or “prior obligations prioritized first” redirecting my focus away from self-growth.

I do not regret this. Respect Sells Itself. I truly believe this. I did obligate myself, and I kept those obligations. Most businesses just update their TOS. This is a competitive edge that I am proud of and I feel others will value highly.

The experience of working for others also allows me to look back on “past mistakes” in my own actions or that of my employer/clients with great clarity but little bruising, as I held little of the risk. But now that I have and understand the value of that experience it is time to take on more individual risk. It is time for more reward. I could put in more client work for more reward, but why should I continue to work more hours when I can simply ask myself for a promotion and raise? I decided to give myself several…

These are the initial websites I threw up as the core to build my intended media and financial asset empire around. – Creative Asset Designer – Creative Asset Studio – Creative Asset Market* – Creative Asset Agency

and of course the domain you have currently discovered; – Creative Asset Engineer

*domain currently still sits on dev URL 😉

My personal avatar shown above is from the newly created Bafos Collection – #4099787641 – Artwork attributed to Lat3nt (My pseudonym artistic alter-ego). The entire collection will be available to the public soon.

Everything is still a little rough around the edges, but close to being a usable MVP. This post probably gives little information about my overall plans or the extent of the projects on the burner, but that is OK. The point was to merely get this post published. That alone has taken decades. It’s about damn time.